Providing Southampton with a super fine ship yard since 1442


Single point security access

Travel hoist with an 8 ton capacity

Power washing

Hard standing - 12 weeks for up to 80 craft on a 'first come' basis included in the mooring fee, subject to availability

Fresh water to all pontoons

W.C. and shower block

Owners store


From only £9.48 per foot

We offer craneage with an 8 ton travel hoist capacity, power washing and shore storage (up to 12 weeks are included in our Annual Mooring Agreements).


Length (in feet)
Lift out & power wash
Additional services


Single point security gate access is achieved to all berths from the ample car park. Of the two hundred and ninety berths available at the marina, thirty are non-tidal and afloat at all times, the remainder are semi-tidal. Hours afloat on these tidal berths vary in direct proportion to their proximity to the shore and are priced accordingly.

The river bed is soft mud and affords stable berths for most craft when the tide is away. A landing/loading berth, afloat at all times is available for boat owners who cannot leave or land within the tide window.

All berths are subject to availability and our current terms and conditions.

Rates for 1 - 12 months.
Pontoon Price
a £159.60
b £152.40
c £134.40
d £129.60
e £121.20
f £117.60
g £115.20
h £110.40
j £96.00
k £93.60
m £79.20
lt / mid river £121.20
shore £128.40
Rates for 12 months.
Pontoon Price
a £151.20
b £145.20
c £123.60
d £121.20
e £112.80
f £109.20
g £104.40
h £100.80
j £90.00
k £87.60
m £72.00
lt / mid river £111.60
shore £121.20
  a b c d e f g h j k m lt /
mid river
1 - 12 Months
Paid monthly
£159.60 £152.40 £134.40 £129.60 £121.20 £117.60 £115.20 £110.40 £96.00 £93.60 £79.20 £121.20 £128.40
12 Months
Paid in advance
£151.20 £145.20 £123.60 £121.20 £112.80 £109.20 £104.40 £100.80 £90.00 £87.60 £72.00 £111.60 £121.20


We’ve made an awesome app that can provide you with an instant estimate. For a more detailed and precise cost please get in touch, We’re always happy to help.

Length (in feet)
Payment Method
Berth Duration
Kemps Quay Berthing Plan

from £72.00 per foot/month